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George Bush

George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st president of the United States, died on Nov. 30. He was 94. 

Bush had a long career of public service. He served in World War II, was a congressman, diplomat, CIA director, vice president for Ronald Reagan, and was president from 1989 to 1993. His son George W. Bush served as the 43rd president. 

Bush’s casket arrived in Washington, D.C. on  Dec. 3 to lie in state in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda. A memorial service is planned at the Washington National Cathedral on Dec. 5, then Bush will return to Texas for another funeral service. Bush will be buried at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas.

Bush was born on June 12, 1924, in Milton, Massachusetts. He enlisted in the Navy at 18, and became the youngest Navy pilot at the time. Bush was shot down in the Pacific during World War II, and later received the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery in action.

Bush married Barbara Pierce in 1945. They had six children. After graduating from Yale University, Bush moved to Texas and worked in the oil industry. He served as a congressman from Texas before becoming Ambassador to the United Nations, an envoy to China, and director of the CIA.

He served as vice president to Reagan from 1981 to 1989. He ran for president and served one term. Many changes in the world happened during his presidency. Bush saw the end of the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and was commander in chief for the first Iraq War, Desert Storm.

During his term, Bush called on the county to return to traditional values and be “a kinder and gentler nation.” He also brought the phrase “thousand points of light” into the national conversation, calling on Americans to volunteer.

American Falls Short in Epic Chess Dual

LONDON—The two top chess players on the planet duked it out at the World Chess Championship in  November, an event that’s now held every two years.

For 2018, it was REIGNING champion Magnus Carlsen, 27, from Norway against second-ranked  Fabiano Caruana, 26, from the United States.

If Caruana pulled off the upset, he would have been the first American to be the World Chess Federation Champion since Bobby Fischer took the title in 1972!

Both players are in their prime—playing this board game at incredibly high levels. Interestingly, when Caruana earned the title of grandmaster in 2007, at age 14 years, 11 months and 20 days, he was the youngest American to earn that title. But since then, there have been even younger Americans to earn the title of grandmaster! 

American Caruana and Norwegian Carlsen played to 12 straight draws (ties) before playing a tie-breaker.
American Caruana and Norwegian Carlsen played to

12 straight draws (ties) before playing a tie-breaker.

The championship started on Nov. 9—the first of 12 regular games. The winner of each game receives a point, and draws (ties) give each player a half point. The first player to 6.5 points is declared the World Chess Champion.

Game 1 ended in a draw, setting the tone for the championship. In fact, each time these chess experts played over the next 20 days, the game ended in a draw. By the end of the regulation games, the players were tied at 6 points apiece. In 132 years of chess championships, this had never happened!

So this epic chess match went to a series of tiebreakers. The first four being “rapid” games, limiting each player to 25 minutes per game. The first to 2.5 or more points wins the championship.

Unforunately for Caruana, the reigning chess champ is also the top-ranked player in the world for rapid play. Carlsen had no problem winning the first tiebreakers and eventually taking the title.

December 2018