It's wildfire season for the Southwest, and Gov. Doug Ducey has doubled Arizona’s budget for thinning and clearing areas where too many fuels have built up. Read more

TUCSON — Beginning with the June 2018 issue, Tucson's own Reid Park Zoo will begin to bring the natural world and the important work of wildlife conservation straight to kids and families in Southern Arizona on the pages of Bear Essential News! Read more

ZipSit, an app headquartered in Scottsdale, connects babysitter and parents, the latest in a technology trend that connects strangers to make life easier. Read more

WASHINGTON - A Tucson middle-school student was one of the final competitors - and one of only a handful of girls - to make it to the last rounds of the 30th annual National Geographic Bee competition in Washington. Read more

Summer on Stage is a five-week intensive training program in performance and technical theatre that culminates in two fully realized productions performed on the main stage at the Temple of Music and Art. Read more

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in made history with a handshake on April 27. Read more

Satellite photos allowed scientists to view a remote area of Antarctica called the Danger Islands, where they found a massive and previously unknown colony of mor than a million Adélie penguins Read more

Throughout Arizona, a number of commune ecovillages express a new sense of urgency, not just for sustainability but for community in general. Read more

This year the top honor for writing in children’s literature goes to a story about a day-in-the-life of four middle school kids. Read more