New Children’s Book Explains: ‘How to Raise a Mom’

Bet your mom has said to you something like, “Remember to be a good sharer,” or “It’s quiet time—Shhhh!” Or what about, “What was the best part of your day?”

Well, in this fun-filled book the roles are reversed and a brother and sister duo tell how to raise a happy, healthy mom. They have the opportunity to turn all these lines around and use them on their mother. 

Here are a few of the suggestions they offer. If your mom starts to get cranky, surprise her with a snack and toy. If she asks you for one more book please, say yes and add that it’s almost time to get some sleep. Or, if your mom’s a picky eater, give her a choice. Ask, “Which will you eat first—your peas or your beans?” Each page is clever and the pictures are all so much fun. 

Jean Reagan is the book’s author and all the colorful art is drawn by Lee Widish. “How to Babysit a Grandpa!” is another one of their popular books.

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