The Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism is given to a recipient each year. According to Mark Lodato, Associate Dean at the ASU Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, “It is a very special honor to receive this award.”

Lodato started at the Cronkite School in 2006 and is part of the leadership team on the campus. According to Lodato, the Cronkite award helps bring national recognition to the school and an opportunity for the school to make money for the 2,000 students attending the school.

“It takes lots of teamwork to put on the ceremony,” says Lodato. The leadership team and dozens of staff help make this event a success. According to Lodato, the events team and the development team raise money for the school. The Cronkite Endowment Board accepts nominations and then the dean and the advisory board select a winner.

This year’s winner was Lester Holt, a journalist and news anchor for the weekday edition of NBC Nightly News and Dateline NBC. Holt received the award at the Cronkite Award Luncheon on Nov. 4.

“Walter Cronkite had a very special reputation. It is a special honor to win the award,” says Lodato. Walter Cronkite used to be a part of the presentation of the award until his death in 2009. According to Lodato, “As Tom Brokaw once said, ‘When Walter Cronkite calls, you don’t say no.’”

 Other recipients of the Cronkite Award include Diane Sawyer, Bob Costas, Robin Roberts, Anderson Cooper and Tom Brokaw.

Lodato’s advice for those wanting a career in journalism include:

• Grow your skills in writing

• Pay attention to the news all around the world

• Be well read (read everything)

• Visit the Cronkite School

• Have great grades

***Photo Courtesy of Cronkite School***

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