Rescue Offers Orphan Horses a Second Chance

IDAHO — Are you a horse lover? Do you ever wonder what happens to orphan horses or horses that are abused? There is a place where they are loved. Orphan Acres in Viola, Idaho, was founded by CEO and President Brent Glover. They have been caring for animals since 1975. They are located outside of the University of Idaho and 12 miles from Washington State University. 

Glover says, “Both schools are agricultural and vet schools. That is where most of our volunteers come from.”

Most of the horses that come to Orphan Acres are older, many are malnourished with injuries. According to Glover, horses come from all over with the farthest one coming all the way from Maine. They do not go looking for them or purchase them. 

Glover says one of their success stories is a horse named Little Blue McGoo. He was the movie horse used in the film “Dances with Wolves.” He was ridden by the Indian Medicine Man, Kicking Bird. Glover said he almost died from starvation. “He lived with us for 10 years and passed away at the age of 29.”

Glover says, “There are so many animals out there, not just horses, that are not taken care of. All need caring for. Sometimes even ones that are placed in good homes, sometimes are not able to care for the animal. We try to help them find new homes and the ones that are too old or have other complications when they are placed here get to live out their lives here.” 


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Karen Golden