It’s Time to Honor Custodians This Month

Custodians are caretakers. Our custodian is responsible for taking care of our school buildings. National Custodial Workers Day is Oct. 2 each year.

Martin Dominguez is our caretaker or custodian at Arizona Desert Elementary. Although Dominguez did not choose this profession, he likes his job. Dominguez has been a custodian for 13 years, 10 years in schools.

“I like to work in schools. I like the students and people around me,” says Dominguez. 

Accidents, such as toilet leaks and kids getting sick are Dominguez’s least favorite things about his job. He opens the school, picks up trash and does repairs daily.

“Being on this job feels good”, says Dominguez. “It feels good to help kids and staff.”

Dominguez needs training for his job. He has maintenance training, safety training, chemical training and learns how to operate machinery safely.

Dominguez feels his job is important

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