Learn to Cook 'Ghetto' Style

Have you ever cooked Ghetto Style? Now you can with the “Ghetto Cookbook” by Mary Helen Chacon Lucero. Lucero feels it is important for preteens and teens to know about good nutrition because it keeps them healthy and they can carry it with them throughout their lives.

Lucero didn’t want her recipes to be forgotten so she put them in her “Ghetto Cookbook.”

“I only have one son and saving these recipes and making sure I pass them down is important to me,” says Lucero. Lucero has a lot of recipes from her mom, grandma and other relatives. 

“It was named the Ghetto Cookbook because it has a ring to it,” explains Lucero.

Lucero wrote the cookbook for preteens and teens because “it is more fun, healthy, nutritious, cheap and easy to make at home. The smell (of the food) is something that will last forever.”

Lucero’s cookbook will be available by the end of November. She is also working on a website and her Thanksgiving recipes will be on YouTube in October. Other food segments will be available in November. 

Lucero is also writing a children’s book that will be ready by February.

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