Program Aims to Keep Kids Safe

Do you ever go to school and wonder how safe you are going to be when you get there? Tolleson Elementary School District started a new safety program that will keep kids safe.

Kara Sehr, STEM and Assessment Coordinator for the Tolleson Elementary School District, is implementing a new program within the district. 

Sehr knew she wanted to be a teacher when she was 8 years old. Sehr loves working with kids and helping learn and grow in life. She feels the safety program is important so kids can feel safe while learning. 

John Michaels and Ellen Keys started the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) program in 2006 with the goal of keeping kids very safe. This program is different from other programs because it uses the same symbols and words everywhere in the district. Sehr said before this new safety program, each school used their own plan.   

There are four parts to the program:
  • Lock Out:  Stay inside and continue with learning.
  • Lock Down: Stay quiet, stay down, doors locked, lights off.
  • Evacuate: When there is a fire in the building, go to a safe place. 
  • Shelter: A safe place to stay or go in an emergency such as tornados, hazmat, hurricane, etc.

Sehr says, “It’s important for students, parents, teachers and other guardians to talk about school safety so that kids know exactly what to do in case they have one of the four emergencies.”

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Karen Golden