This summer my cousins and I picked a project from the book “Smithsonian Maker Lab Outdoors” that we could make together.

There were many fun projects to pick from, like building a butterfly feeder from a paper cup, a sponge and orange juice. With a cardboard box, a plastic bag and a couple of other things, you can build a cool air cannon that forces enough air out to knock things down. Also, it created an air ring, called a vortex.

But the project we decided on was called “Watertight Wonder,” a science trick that looks like magic. All we needed was a plastic bag, colored pencils and a pitcher of water. We filled the bag up with water, sealed the top and then we stuck all the pencils through the bag one at a time. It was amazing, no water leaked out. The book explained the reason for that. Water molecules are all attracted to each other, kind of like magnets. This is a cool book. I look forward to doing more amazing experiments.


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