Local, National Designers Showcased at Tucson Fashion Week

For those aspiring to be fashion designers you must attend Tucson Fashion Week. I attended the October show that featured local designers and of course my fav, Richie Rich, as the headliner. What a night!  

TFW was held over three days in October in Tucson.

The fashion show was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in downtown Tucson.  There was a backdrop with sponsors on it just like the red carpet you see on TV. Loud music pumped throughout the building. There were mood lights and rows of white chairs set up with VIP names on them around the catwalk. The musical guests were famous recording artists Zaena and Jason Maek.  

I got to meet Tucson designers Quinlan Wilhite of Qmulative and Dorota Zglobicka of Theo Doro Fairyland. Wilhite started designing when he was 24. He learned how to sew from his grandmother. He stood with his models showing his city street Heirizona wear and dressy casual looks. Zglobicka showed her designs from her collection which were vintage inspired and very dainty. Other local designers at the show were Cry Baby Couture and Shahida Parides. 

Designers, models converged downtown.   

Richie Rich came out with photogs snapping pictures like paparazzi. He did several poses for them and was so nice to everyone. As he was about to leave
I stopped him and he remembered me from a fashion show at Hotel Congress in July. I asked him what he had been working on since then. 

He said he was in Hong Kong and around America to look for factories to work with and with Monster Headphones and Beats from Dr. Dre. He is also working on a new line of clothes and comestics. Rich is best known for his Heatherette collection, 1999–2008, with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ellen De Generes and Paris Hilton modeling his creations. I asked what his inspiration was. He told me “Fashion is like a movie or cartoon. You want fun in your life and want to be inspired and excited like hearing a great song.” 

Rich noted that his friend Heather made him happy as well as a song by Grace Jones and so the name Heatherette was born.

Rich credits his mother for his continuous work and inspiration. He said that we all have spirit and his mother always told him never to lose his spirit. Nobody ever should and that’s what it’s all about.

I asked Rich what would we see in his collection at tonights show. “A lot of beautiful spirit, like really fun. It’s honesty. Not your classic walking down the street wear.  It’s street cred of the underground like real fashion.  If you do something crazy it trickles down to the mainstream.  I wanted to do something wackadoodle fun and punky cool.” “Is wackadoodle even a word?” He laughs. I thanked him and took a quick picture with him and then he was on his way to get ready for the show. 

The fashion show was so spectacular.  All the amazing clothes and models that don’t crack a smile like being at a show in New York or like the pictures in Vogue magazine.  For more information go to Tucsonfashionweek.com to see future events, photos and stories about the designers mentioned in this story.  

Tucson and national designers showcased their work at Tucson Fashion Week in October. For more photos, visit us on Facebook! Photos by John de Dios/Bear Essential News


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