Disney Brings Worlds of Enchantment

The Disney On Ice show, Worlds of Enchantment, came to Tucson in October. It was very enchanting indeed because it had classics like Cars, The Little Mermaid, Toy Story and more. I had the opportunity to attend a media event to help kick

off the first show! A group of local Tucson elementary kids were there to attend a reading from the book Cars, take pictures and talk to two ice skaters from the show followed by a pizza party. This got the kids so excited and pumped to see the show!

Ice skaters Sarah Grapek and Jorge Felip were there for the event and to promote Disney On Ice. I had the chance to speak with them.

Grapek did a good job reading Cars to the kids. She is also very pretty. I asked her how old she was when she started ice skating and if this was her dream career. She says, “I discovered my love of skating when I was 9 years old and as a skater this is my ideal career.” Grapek adds that she loves performing and interacting with the kids, and that Frozen is a fan favorite as well as hers. I love Frozen! She is a seahorse in the Little Mermaid part of the show.

Next, I spoke to Felip. He caught my eye as he was giving interviews in Spanish. When I asked him for an interview, he said, “In English?” I said yes, and he told me I was his first English interview ever! So, cool!

I asked Felip when he started ice skating and if it was his dream career. He says, “I have been skating since I was 6 years old and I am 26, so I have been skating for 20 years. It is my dream to work for one of the largest companies in the world (Disney), and you get to represent the characters that you grew up with.”

His favorite part of the show is The Little Mermaid. He skates as a wave around Ariel and the others characters of the story like they are under the sea. He also skates as one of the citizens in the town of Arendelle in the part of Frozen. Afterward, he apologized if his English was not too good, but I told him he did very well.

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