Teacher Worksheets for March 2020

Wishing you a happy and healthy spring, educators!


Hoping that we manage to contain the coronavirus somehow and that your school remains open.


Bear’s standards-based work sheets for its super popular Summer Camp Guide Edition just posted to our website, and so are the Camp Guides for Phoenix and Tucson!


Please have your teaching teammates sign up online for our free ACCRS-based work sheets for grades K-2, 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8 and/or Bear’s digital newsletter by clicking on this link.


Please encourage your students in grades 2 thru 8 to become Young Reporters for Bear Essential News! Participants in this free and fabulous writing program receive all the materials they need to get started! For details, go to http://www.bearessentialnews.com and look under the Teachers tab.


Special thanks to those Young Reporters, their teachers and families that came down from the Valley to join us for the very special Science Night—our Signature Event in conjunction with Saguaro National Park, the Tucson Amateur Astronomers Association and the Arizona SciTech Festival. The cultural hike and nighttime creepy-crawly walk, stargazing and BBQ all went well.


Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day,

Stephen B Gin

Bear Essential Educational Services