Welcome to spring, parents & teachers!

Camps are coming back and Bear’s standards-based worksheets for its super popular Summer Camp Guide Edition just posted to our website.

Be sure to check out the Tucson and Phoenix camp guides here on the website.

Please have your teaching teammates sign up online for our free ACCRS-based worksheets for grades K-2, 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8 and/or Bear’s digital newsletter by clicking on this link.

And there’s the free-n-fabulous Young Reporters Program your students in grades 2 thru 8 can join. This literacy award-winning program provides aspiring news writers their official reporters kit when we receive their completed form. We hold monthly YR Zoom Nights with special guests who participants can interview! For details, go to the Teachers tab of Bear’s website.

Special thanks to our Young Reporters, Saguaro National Park West and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum for making Bear’s YR Science Night, a Signature Event of the AZ SciTech Festival, so amazing!

This month’s main feature is full of fun activities from the AZ SciTech Institute.  And the worksheets also have students try their hand at nature journaling, which they can share on Instagram, and tag ASU’s Sustainability Solutions Service! Hurry! Winners will be announced April 1.

The Service also offers teachers who have participated in its Teachers’ Academy Workshops in 2019 or 2020 eligibility for additional stipends for completing a sustainability project at their school or school district. Application deadline for the Summer 2021 Academy is April 15: https://sustainability.asu.edu/sustainabilitysolutions/programs/teachersacademy/

Bear’s PDF version of the newspapers is online, but if you need this edition sent for your classroom, please call toll-free: 1-866-NEWS KID.

Wishing you a spectacular spring,

Stephen B Gin

Bear Essential Educational Services