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Bear’s anniversary edition is ready for you and your students, and great for young readers who are learning from home. Call 1-866-NEWS-KID if you need an issue mailed to you. Students in grades 3 thru 8 also can join our Young Reporters Program and start reporting for Bear Essential News.

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Third-graders in Maricopa County are sure to grin as they create bright and brilliant artwork for Valley Metro’s calendar contest “Miles of Smiles on Valley Metro.” Some great prizes will be awarded (see page 2 of the Phoenix Edition) or click here for a printable PDF of it! Hurry, deadline is Oct. 16.

For STEM learning, we are partnering with educators from the SciTech Institute every month. This month, we get rockin’ with geology and rock collecting and sharing finds on social media with the Institute (see pages 14 & 15).

Then check out the back cover for an easy-peasy recipe for baked mozzarella sticks from the Arizona Milk Producers & Dairy Council.

Please encourage your students in grades 3 thru 8 to join Bear’s award-winning Young Reporters Program. Students submitting their YR Sign-up Form will be mailed their official Young Reporter Kit so they can start reporting and have their stories published by Bear Essential News. We are also having monthly Zoom meetings with special guests Young Reporters can interview!

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